Be a Gestalt advocate

We always appreciate the help of other designers and partners across Pinterest, and we value the other way, supporting other teams' projects by bringing a systems perspective.
You can help us to drive systems decisions by joining our team as a Gestalt advocate, or consider embedding a Gestalt designer in your design project to support your team's systems needs.

How it works

Be part of a dedicated cohort of research participants and system advocates to rely on for design partnership, input and knowledge share and support within your team and product area.

  • Recognition as the point of contact on their team for system knowledge and partnership
  • Help prioritize the system roadmap so that we build what your product area needs
  • Opportunity for leadership, highlighting career growth and design engagement, and potentially a rotation among teams (leading topics or sessions during the Gestalt Open Forum and Design system day events)
  • Be a research participant to provide input on strategic initiatives, component design and usage, patterns, icons, or UI refinements
  • Deeper education on design system structure, usage and accessibility implications
  • Dedicated partners help speed up system velocity and ensure we are building to your use cases
  • Be a quality leader, raising their teams quality scorecard (tbd) and ultimately raising the overall product quality for design

Advocate expectations

  • A Gestalt advocate will be expected to attend (or suggest a representative from their team) design system workshops and events like open forums, trainings, or research initiatives; this would constitute at max 5% of their work time per week
  • They will be knowledgable of the latest updates and provide feedback as representatives of their team or product space, providing use cases and outlining priorities for their product needs.
  • While anyone can join and contribute to the system, a dedicated Gestalt advocate will be the point of contact for their team. They have agreed to be the system leader in their space and will help to extend and scale the system through their partnership
  • The system advocate would own their Product Surfaces of Figma assets. They would pull together their teams icons, patterns and workflows in their product space ensuring, where possible, there is alignment to the Gestalt design system, to document their team subsystem. This provides transparency across teams by making it visible to all designers in the org
  • If they no longer have the time or desire to be the team’s advocate they can inform us and offer the opportunity to another team member

Reach out to us

if you want to become a Gestalt advocate!