Component request

Instructions on how to request a new component or changes to an existent component.

Filling a request form

We ask you to evaluate the decision tree below to determine if your component needs meets our system standards before requesting a new component or updates to an existent component.
If your component request needs meets our standards, go ahead and fill a request form using the button below! We will follow up with you.

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Request a component
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. Gestalt doesn't provide brand assets.

Prioritization by the Gestalt team

If our team takes on the work, we will add it to our backlog and prioritize it appropriately. Typically the determining factor for taking on work is capacity: if your designers or engineers have the capacity, we’d love for them to contribute to Gestalt with our support. Otherwise, the Gestalt designers and engineers will prioritize the work against our current workload based on the following criteria.

Some questions we ask ourselves when prioritizing:

  1. How many products/surfaces will benefit?

    Ideally, we build things into Gestalt that 2 or more teams need, more teams meaning higher priority.

  2. How easy or difficult is it to build?

    1. How many engineering hours will it take to build?
    2. Are there accessibility concerns that Gestalt should ideally handle?
  3. Is it a dependency to other future work we need to do within Gestalt?

    Will this unlock additional functionality that other teams need?

We prioritize work following the same cycles as product teams within Pinterest. Knowing other teams' needs before prioritization starts will help inform our roadmap. If we do not have the capacity for the work but believe we should add it to Gestalt, we may ask if a product team can continue the work. Otherwise, it will go into our backlog.

Our team will update your ticket request following our prioritization standards, and you will be able to follow the progress of your ticket.

Overall timeline

Type of workApproximate time
Complex net-new componente (3 or more variants)~1 sprint to design, ~2 sprints to build, ~1 sprint to document/add to Figma
Simple brand new component (2 or less variants)~1 sprint to design, ~1 sprints to build, ~1 sprint to document/add to Figma
Component modification (small updates such as add/remove props or variants)3-5 business days

Please reach out on Slack

if you have any questions.

New icon request

For new icon submissions, check Creating icons