ButtonGroup is used to display a series of buttons with similar actions. Use ButtonGroup to ensure consistent spacing and wrapping behavior.

also known as Button Row, Action Bar

A set of two buttons side by side. The left button is secondary and the right button is primary.

Usage guidelines

When to use
  • Showing all the available options at one glance
  • Arranging a group of buttons in a horizontal or vertical stack due to limited space
When not to use
  • Switching between different views. Use Tabs instead

Best practices

Keep primary actions (ex: submitting a form) on the right and secondary actions (ex: cancel) on the left. When used vertically, keep the primary action at the top.

For general Button best practices, refer to the Button documentation.


People use Android's accessibility features, such as TalkBack and dynamic text sizing to personalize how they interact with their devices. Supporting these personalizations ensures that everyone has a great user experience. See Material Design and development documentation about accessibility for Android:

Accessible design on Android

Accessible development on Android
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Design tokens

Use these tokens for applying size, weight and color styles to ButtonGroups.


See below how the ButtonGroup component is constructed.



Mobile buttons are available in 2 sizes. The Button text always use $font-size-300 token (16sp).

  1. lg (60dp)
    Large should be primarily used on Pinner, business and internal surfaces.
  2. sm (48dp)
    Small should be used sparingly and only in places where the UI is very dense.

Orientation use cases

  1. Horizontal
    By default, a ButtonGroup is horizontal.
  2. Vertical
    Use vertical when horizontal space is limited by the Button’s content.


For information on color, icons, roles, and states, refer to the Button documentation.


For writing best practices, refer to the content standards documentation.


For RTL (right-to-left) languages, the layout of the button group is mirrored. the primary button will be on the left and top and the secondary button will be on the right and bottom.

Two sets of buttons, one vertically stacked and one horizontal. The button layout is localized for right-to-left languages.