About us

Pinterest’s experience is guided and built by Gestalt

Pinterest’s design system includes foundational standards, component documentation and guidelines to enable high-quality experiences for millions of people.

Gestalt powers intuitive, inclusive and accessible interfaces

Gestalt ensures everyone can enjoy Pinterest. Our system streamlines localization, right-to-left text and light/dark color schemes. Accessibility is at the heart of our components. It follows WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, to guarantee they are not only compliant but accessible to as many people as possible.

It creates harmonious experiences

Gestalt’s components and patterns enable predictability throughout the product. The component family aims to connect every element in the interface to deliver a coordinated and intuitive end result.

It objectively improves product development velocity

Gestalt enables a better product experience in less time. Designers and engineers agree nearly unanimously that Gestalt speeds up their workflow. And the magnitude is dramatic—an estimated 33% efficiency gain (and climbing).

Gestalt is for everyone making Pinterest’s product

The system is built for every cross-functional team member, such as designers, engineers and product managers. It fuels every part of Pinterest’s product experience. Our system provides Pinterest with a shared language and reusable code. It facilitates cross-functional collaboration, avoids duplication of efforts and establishes design cohesion.

We work closely with the Brand team to maintain Pinterest’s identity and aesthetic; however, Gestalt and Brand are different areas within our organization. For further Brand guidance, please reference the Brand guidelines website.

We’re ready to help in Slack, office hours and events

Our team is made up of designers, engineers, producers, writers, and so much more! We love to show our work, debate, and challenge each other, but ultimately we trust and empower each other to create great work, and we’re always open to feedback.

We’re available in so many ways. Visit our team support page for support and collaboration.