Pinterest Voice

The Pinterest voice is our brand personality—it’s a part of everything we do. When writing at Pinterest, keep these guiding words in mind

Simplify ideas to make the complex clear

Do the hard work to make ideas crisp and concise. Don’t make them think. Avoid fluff. Inform people, but keep your sentences short so they are easy to read. Long, complicated sentences often obscure their main ideas. Opt for short sentences and short words.

Keep it conversational so you don’t lose your reader

We’re all just humans talking to humans, so read your work out loud. If it’s hard for you to read aloud, it’ll be hard for people to read. The moment when you stumble over the words is the moment your audience will stop reading them. Edit it again. Start over. Keeping things conversational helps you stay accessible, warm and friendly while also being direct.

Add a dash of cleverness to grab their attention

Put your best stuff up top. Ask yourself: Would people stop what they’re doing to read this? Tell their friends “you gotta see this”? Every big initiative at Pinterest should have a short, clear description—it should be the first line we see or hear. When appropriate (and avoiding hyperbole) add a bit of wordplay, even a pun, alliteration, anaphora or another rhetorical device to help your writing stand out.