Card.Boards is a preview block that utilizes two of the Board and Section components to present a collection of imagery.

Example of a Card container with a Card.Boards preview that contains two Card.Boards representations.

Usage guidelines

When to use
  • To suggest boards containing content that a Pinner might like based on their engagement, interests, boards, demographic information, or other signals
  • To suggest boards created by another user (e.g. Pinner, company, brand)
  • To suggest boards featuring a Pin(s) the user has saved/looked at
When not to use
  • When showing any content that is not contained within Card.Boards

Best practices

  • Always show two boards or sections per Card. More or less than two will display inconsistently within Card.
  • Use any variations of the Board and Section component besides CTAs. Board CTAs can interfere with the selection of Card itself.

For general Card.Board best practices, refer to the Board and Section documentation in Figma



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Design tokens


  1. Board one
  2. Board two


Card.Boards is a preview block utilizing the Gestalt Board and Section Figma component

. The Card.Boards preview block accepts all Board and Sections variants except for CTAs. Optional elements include: lock icon, plus icon, pretext, Card.Boards name, collaborators and subtext.

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