Figma branches

Instructions on how to work with Gestalt Figma branches.

We suggest using Figma branches when collaborating on Gestalt design projects. For example, adding a new component or variant or modifying a Gestalt style or pattern.
Branches enable designers to safely try new ideas without changing the main or existing Gestalt file. Rather than auto-saving to the main file, changes from branches are merged into the main file when they are ready to go.

Check out this Figma guide to branching

to learn all about creating branches.

Naming a branch

Branch names should follow the format: designer initials-Jira ticket number-brief description of change or task.
We use dashes to separate the words (e.g., CR-4536-IconButton-android-specs, CR stands for Cintia Romero) .

The initials and Jira ticket name will support with context of the task and how it relates to our roadmap.If there isn't a ticket number available, it should be: designer initials-brief description of change or task

An example of how we name our branches, in this case IconButton design specs review request by Cintia Romero.

Requesting a Gestalt review

When your new branch is ready for review, we ask you to follow the process below:

  • Add 2 designers form the Gestalt team as reviewers. A primary, and a secondary reviewer
  • If relevant, add a designer from the design feature team
  • Add the description of your work, such as the objective of your design and any relevant highlights

Aproval criteria

Reviewers will approve the branch after it meets the criteria below:

  • Taxonomy for component is consistent for all platforms it effects
  • All naming convention criteria listed above have been met
  • All Gestalt styles are linked corrected (text, colors, shadows)
  • There are no remote styles conflicting with Gestalt styles
  • There are no accessibility concerns on the design
  • Included annotations and flow assets are connected to the Handoff Kit library

Gestalt reviewers

When requesting a branch review, prioritize as the "primary reviewer" the person with expertise in the area you need approval. See below the team members and their primary areas of expertise:

  • Cintia Romero: Components Figma structure, colors and themes
  • Hector Jaime: m10n components, data visualization, messaging/notifications and patterns
  • Layla Leal: Product Surfaces matters
  • Kate Halvorsen: Mobile components and illustrations
  • P.J. Onori: XFN branch collaboration and any situation not listed in the above 4 bullets
  • Ravi Lingineni: Plugins and any situation not listed in the above 5 bullets

Please note: Any other Gestalt designer could be added as a secondary reviewer.

An example of requesting a review. In this case the IconButton design specs review request by Cintia Romero.