Get help

We are always happy to help answer questions regarding Gestalt component design and usage, design system best practices, accessibility, icons and colors. If it’s part of Gestalt, we’re here to help! If it’s outside of the realm of our design system, we’ll try our best to answer and/or point you to the person who can. Feel free to reach out on Slack anytime.

Resources, Slack, and meetings — oh my!

Dashboards, Jira, and OKRs

If you’re curious what we’re working on, you can check out our Gestalt sprint dashboard, our full backlog, and our Bugs Dashboard. To see the bigger picture, you can view our OKRs to understand our roadmap and priorities for each quarter.

Slack channels

Before reaching out, take a look at our documentation to see if it answers your question, because it will likely get you the fastest answer. Still need help? Try searching Slack for your question, and then feel free to ask if your question hasn’t been answered in the past. You can also reference our Communication guidelines for more info.
#gestalt-design is for design-focused questions.
#gestalt-eng-web is for engineering-focused questions.

Meetings and events

Our meetings, events, and timelines can be found on the Gestalt event calendar. We offer two different meetings for the community to bring questions, comments, ideas, and feedback:

  1. Gestalt Office Hours

    For product designers seeking feedback on their usage of design systems and visual language. This is also a great time to propose new components or component changes.

    Primarily designers, though engineers are welcome if there are technical concerns as well.

    Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please sign up for a half-hour slot with your discussion topic.

  2. Gestalt Open Forum

    For systems designers seeking feedback from the larger design org and everything else design system related.

    Pinterest designers and Gestalt engineers. The agenda for the open forum can be found in the recurring calendar invite. Please continue to bring component work to Office Hours.

    Every two months or as part of the Design Ops brunch & learn event. Check out through the link in the Gestalt event calendar.

  3. Design systems day

    Support designers, engineers, and cross-functional partners to take advantage of Gestalt Design System and reinforce components adoption and design quality standards.

    Designers, engineers, and cross-functional partners.

    Yearly, usually in Q3. Stay tuned on #gestalt-design for information and schedule.