Available data visualization components



ChartGraph is used for displaying various types of graphs plotted on an x and y axis. It makes it easier to identify and understand patterns over time across different categories, enabling people to make informed decisions quickly.

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TileData enables users to select a multiple categories to compare with each other in a graph or chart view, while still being able to see all of the data points.

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Datapoint displays at-a-glance data for a user to quickly view key metrics.

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Datapoint showing total number of impressions, a positive trend and an info icon.

Table is a set of structured data that is easy for a user to scan, examine, and compare. Table data is displayed in a grid format and can be used to structure both interactive and static data.

Coming next

Yes, we are aware that our data visualization components are limited, but we plan to work on the following this year:

  • TagData—for displaying filters as tags and using them to navigate and compare graph data
  • Charts
    • Line
    • Bar
    • Donut
    • Funnel